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Light Tower (Roof Mounted)

The movable LED site light is designed with patented technology and uses high-efficiency, energy saving Rx-8Q10 LEDs. This roof mounted light tower is commonly used as an emergency lighting system for vehicles at night. The LED light tower is available with a manual remote control, a wireless remote control, and 485 communication control. A single button controls auto reset functions for flexion and extensions. This light has an outstanding level of reliability, a stable performance, easy operation, and an advanced design. With its rotation, there are no dead zones in the lighting, making the telescopic light great for use on vehicles and other equipment for emergency lighting applications after dark. It is widely used in emergency rescues, scene investigations, rescue and relief work, fire emergencies, and night photography.

Operating voltage: (optional):DC12V, DC24V, AC220V
Power: 8Q10 LED lamp with 80W/pc, 2 pcs or 4 pcs (optional)
Elevation height: 1.2m, 1.8m, 2.8m, 3.8m (optional)
Elevation method: pneumatic elevation
Pan-and-tilt rotating angle: 420° in horizontal, 420° in vertical
Light emitting angle: floodlight pattern with H80°/V30° or spotlight pattern H40°/V30°
Control method: wireless remote control, manual wire control and pan-and-tilt standard keyboard control (485 communication control)

1. The system is easy to operate, with 3 different control methods: manual wire control, wireless control, and 485 communication control. One button controls automatic reset for flexion and extension.
2. Selected sealing device: the imported barometric sealing device has an outstanding sealing performance that provides 24 hours of continuous work with no need for extra pressurization. 3. Large illumination area: when mounted, the LED light tower provides an all-around, dead zone free illumination with its pan and tilt head robot. The light will reach any object within its range.
4. Advanced circuit protection: The roof mounted LED light tower has overvoltage, over current and auto reset protection control devices to keep the system safe from circuit damage due to improper operations.
5. IP66 controller switches
6. Optional and customized functions: the video wire and other control wires are reserved for the video function (the camera can be mounted between the lamps), with a vertical positioning of 180º and a horizontal positioning of 360º rotation.

Emergency engineering vehicles, fire trucks, traffic patrol cars, civil defense engineering trucks, ambulances and other heavy or engineering vehicles.

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