Professional Car Headlights Manufacturer

For 14 years, CATA Signal has lit the path as a leader in the LED automotive industry. Certified to a number of industry standards, our LED automotive lights are popular on the market, all over the world. A product catalogue covering more than 200 varieties of LED lights makes selection easy for users in the automotive industry, marine industry, and others. Making use of our expert staff and talented engineers, we have earned a reputation for protecting the environment, quality lighting and competitive pricing. LED automotive lamps, LED lighting and LED marine warning lights are all frequently requested products, and have been found in projects all over the world, from Germany to the United States. As a leader in LED lights, let us illuminate your vehicle!

Main products
    1. LED Headlight

      With an extremely low (18W) power consumption, the LED headlamp has a beautiful appearance and reaches international advanced levels for energy efficiency.

    1. Rear Direction Indicator

      The color of the ring can be customized to match the color of the vehicle, and is installed in a recessed manner from either the front or the back of the lamp.

    1. End Outline Marker Lamp

      The end outline marker lamp shows drivers behind you the width of your car, allowing them to judge if there is enough distance for passing safely.

    1. LED Beacon

      With a creative design and application of the latest in patent technology, the LED beacon provides a continuous and even light in a horizontal 360º manner.

    1. School Bus Stop Arm Lamp

      The school bus stop sign lamp uses the latest patent technology, in accordance with SAE requirements in the development stage.

    1. LED Work Lamp, 4×4 Series

      The LED mounted lamp is widely used in engineering vehicles, mining machinery, agricultural machinery, fork trucks, dune buggies and other specialized vehicles.

    1. Round LED Work Lamp

      The LED work lamp is used for front fog lights, driving lights, and work lights, construction lamps, assisting lamps and reversing lamps.

    1. Round LED Interior Lamp

      This round LED interior lamp can be flush mounted using screws, or fixed with a spring (product code IDL60F1) for easier installation.

    1. Solar LED Marine Lantern

      Each of these features make it suitable for buoys and light houses that require maintenance free navigation lights.

  • Advantage
  • Shanghai CATA Signal Co., Ltd. is an export driven company specializing in professional design, development and manufacturing of LED automotive lamps, LED lighting and LED warning lights.

    Our company is staffed by a number of professional and technical personnel. Here, we encourage a people oriented, scientific, and technological development.

    With a number of different types of laboratory testing equipment, we have a complete optical experiment darkroom, equipped with an advanced LED light measurement system, high precision LED optical spectrum analyzer, distributed LED photometer and a sophisticated optical probe imported from Germany to ensure the measurement results conform to all standards, both international and the different testing organizations.

    In May of 2005, we moved into a new plant. This new facility holds our office building, R&D building, production building and staff quarters.