Production Process

In May of 2005, we moved into a new plant. This new facility holds our office building, R&D building, production building and staff quarters. In the production building, we have a complete line of equipment, including plug-ins, lead free soldering equipment, SMT, SMD, and lead free re-flow production lines, and equipment to carry out aging tests, assembly, and ultrasonic welding. There is also a drying room with a multitude of production ancillary facilities.

In June of 2014, our annual production capacity reached 3 million sets of LED lamps using the new SMT production line.

Wire Stripping Process
Component Storage Room
Potting Group
Drying Room
insert -welding Line
SMD LED reflow oven process
Ultrasonic welding technology
Laser Marking Equipment
Vehicle Lighting Assembling
Packaging Group
Assembly Line
Photometric Process
Finished-Product Test
Burning Process
LED Photometric Chamber
Optics Laboratory
Programmable temperature and humidity testing machine
Trial-production Room

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