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As a professional auto light manufacturer, CATA supplies a number of automotive exterior lighting lamps. Head lamps, front position lamps, daytime running lights, tail lights, rear position lamps, reversing lamps and rear combination lamps are all found in our product catalogue. For a product you don't see, we offer automotive OEM services and provide automotive maintenance needs on the market for lamps. Customers can choose from our line of existing LED automotive lamps or send headlight drawings and samples to us so we can fulfill an OEM order for you.
According to special requirements on our customer's vehicles, we offer a variety of LED warning lights, including LED beacons, signal lamps for cars, warning lights, traffic lights and other products. This series of LED automotive lights are in accordance with European ECE R65 and American SAE J845 standards for design and development. With a sophisticated production, they are suitable for lighting agents to sell on their local markets.
LED work lamps for vehicles are eternally mounted lights that are often found on SUVs. Our line of LED work lamps are designed to meet every customer need for lighting models and effects.

The movable LED site light is designed with patented technology and uses high-efficiency, energy saving Rx-8Q10 LEDs. This roof mounted light tower is commonly used as an emergency lighting system for vehicles at night. The LED light tower is available with a manual remote control, a wireless remote control, and 485 communication control. A single button controls auto reset functions for flexion and extensions. This light has an outstanding level of reliability, a stable performance, easy operation, and an advanced design.

CATA also manufactures LED interior lamps for vehicles. With a variety of products, we can effectively support the needs of vehicle assembly plants and automobile modification factories. We do everything possible to meet every customer's individual requirements for interior lighting design, and welcome any comments, questions or concerns, from agents to modification companies.
Designed for marine and lake navigation use, the LED navigation lamp uses solar or power supply. The anti UV PC material shade and aluminum waterproof lamp cast have passed surface oxygen polarization processes and has been sprayed with an anti-UV paint, allowing the navigation signal to adapt to poorly lit conditions on water.