Shanghai CATA Signal Co., Ltd. is an export driven company specializing in professional design, development and manufacturing of LED automotive lamps, LED lighting and LED warning lights. Our product technology occupies the leading position on international markets for the same products, giving us a significant competitive advantage in the industry.

Our company is staffed by a number of professional and technical personnel. Here, we encourage a people oriented, scientific, and technological development. Our staff is encouraged to be enthusiastic and creative, feeding a team spirit we are proud to foster. We have more than 20 independent intellectual property rights that are patented in LED applications, including 3 invention patents and 3 international patents.

With a number of different types of laboratory testing equipment, we have a complete optical experiment darkroom, equipped with an advanced LED light measurement system, high precision LED optical spectrum analyzer, distributed LED photometer and a sophisticated optical probe imported from Germany to ensure the measurement results conform to all standards, both international and the different testing organizations.

In May of 2005, we moved into a new plant. This new facility holds our office building, R&D building, production building and staff quarters. In the production building, we have a complete line of equipment, including plug-ins, lead free soldering equipment, SMT, SMD, and lead free re-flow production lines, and equipment to carry out aging tests, assembly, and ultrasonic welding.

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